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Y’OH company is starting a separate project. A womenswear brand. If you want to be part of our research survey email or hit me up on facebook Thanks

For those of you who are interested in Y’OH

(I have been avoiding writing this, not because it means that I have to resign myself to the fact that Y’OH is on pause for the moment but more so because it’s hard not to write it without sounding a bit naff).

I get emails everyday asking me about the next release so rather than write another “soon” reply, I thought I would be more open about my current status.

Yesterday I read this quote in an old (circa 1998) I-D magazine

“Old World of rational and physical product values is giving way to a New Testament of emotional and moral values”.

I think in 2013 a lot of brands over use “emotional values” focusing more so on these intangible attributes over the design element. I mention this because my position with Y’OH is that I don’t want to abuse the notion of the label being more important than the product. I want the company to be about forward thinking, really well designed outerwear and garments.

So where does that leave Y’OH? Outerwear is super expensive to manufacture and (with the above in mind) it didn’t feel right to put out more t-shirts before the foundation of the brand is in place. For that reason I decided to stop, reconsider my process, re-work my business plan and prepare for investment. I don’t want to do it on a budget any longer, not because it’s a struggle but because it compromises the quality. You don’t need anymore average product.

Maybe I am being a bit sentimental but it’s important to me to operate from a place of service as a designer. Therefore rather than doing you a disservice I am holding out for things to be in order before I recommence production.

So for everyone who is interested in knowing when the next release is, I’m afraid I can’t give you dates right now but thank you so much for your continued support so far, I am very grateful.

Black on Black limited edition embroidered tee now available on Y-OH.CO.UK
Model Samuel Momodu
Champs Camp Gym Moss Side
Photographer : Michael Mayren
Models: Ellis Clarke    Louie Rivers    Samuel momodu
Y’OH Store is now updated with new Y’OH Sport tees
photography : Michael Mayren
model : Louie Rivers
Thanks to Champs Camp Gym Moss Side
Michael Mayren for Juke Magazine Vol.4

Yes my shirts tucked inside my boxers (Taken with Instagram)
Michael Mayren for Y’OH
Adidas Originals Consortium series
"Subdued however, is a word that would be lost on Londoner Kara Messina. Her version of the Pro Shell is possibly the most bold and daring out of the whole collection….The design represents the multi-cultural presence in both the Olympics and everyday London life."full article here :